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Florida KidCare Outreach

The success of the Florida KidCare Outreach grant planted the seed for an innovative new partnership with Leon County Schools. We have placed a dedicated staff person, a Whole Child Liaison, within Leon County Schools to identify families in need of healthcare and guide them through the KidCare application process.

“After being downsized from my job, I needed to apply for KidCare for my daughter. We were in between health insurance and awaiting KidCare processing when my daughter shattered her anklebone and required extensive surgery. After a good cry, I calmed down and remembered that Whole Child and KidCare were linked. My first call went through to Whole Child Leon. They quickly put me through to the Whole Child Outreach Specialist with Leon County Schools. While she made no promises, I knew she was going to do everything within her power to help my daughter. I received a call the next day that my daughter would be placed on temporary emergency Medicaid, dating back to the first of the month. When I tell people my story, we all agree this has been a miracle.”

Sharon Daugherty,

Whole Child Connection

“In my line of work, it is necessary to have information about our community’s resources at my fingertips. The Whole Child Connection has helped me connect families to critical resources that assist with housing, counseling, child care, utility assistance, and much more.”

Brooke Coatney,
Family Services Coordinator, Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend

Whole Child Professional Network

“The Whole Child Professional Network allows us the opportunity to make valuable connections with other agencies to better serve our clients as well as their clients. By networking with such a broad range of professionals, we share ideas and find new ways to work together in order to fulfill our common goals.”

Cynthia Valencic,
Director of Family Support Services, Capital Area Community Action Agency